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NSFW Hug You Hardcore -video!
August 27, 2016
Hug You Hardcore video is out! Available as original and censored versions. If you can't watch the original on YouTube, you can check it here.

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Face down - ass up!
August 26, 2016
Hug You Hardcore has been released! Music video following soon...

You can listen to the new single "Hug You Hardcore" on Spotify or download it on iTunes: The album pre-order is available in Levykauppa Äx

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"We're The United Rocking Dead" -collage
August 21, 2016
JOIN THE UNITED ROCKING DEAD! Wanna take part in the top banner of this website?
Send us a picture of you in your Lordi-clothing and maybe some kind of nice pose via e-mail!

1. Posing like true Monstermaniac in Lordi-clothing.
2. Include your name and home country in the message.

E-mail: [email protected]
Any questions you can ask via email. The banner will be revealed as soon as we get enough pictures and after that we'll upgrade the banner every once in a while!

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Meet Lordi in Sweden
August 7, 2016
Last change to see Lordi live in Scare Force One era is at Sabaton Open Air in Sweden! 10 lucky bastards also have a change to meet the band; Check out Hella's video on Facebook and join the competition!

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MONSTEREOPHONIC (Theaterror Vs. Demonarchy)
July 13, 2016
The new era is about to begin soon! The album and song titles and the new outfits has been revealed!

MONSTEREOPHONIC (Theaterror Vs. Demonarchy)

The new album introduces two very different sides of the band.

The “A side” of the album, Theaterror, is a damn catchy collection of traditional hard rocking Lordi songs. The riffs and obscene words of “Hug you Hard Core” will stick in your mind forever – whether you like it or not.

The thematic “B-side”, Demonarchy, tells the story of The Undead Son, The Bloodsucking Count, The She-Wolf and The Witch. Musically Demonarchy represents Lordi more modern than ever. Highly complex song structures and aggressive in-your-face riffing is something we have never heard from these monsters before.

01. SCG8 : One Message Waiting
02. Let's Go Slaughter He-Man (I Wanna Be The Beast-Man In The Masters Of The Universe)
03. Hug You Hardcore
04. Down With The Devil
05. Mary Is Dead
06. Sick Flick
07. None For One
08. SCG VIII : Opening Scene
09. Demonarchy
10. The Unholy Gathering
11. Heaven Sent Hell On Earth
12. And The Zombie Says
13. Break Of Dawn
14. The Night The Monsters Died

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ESC anniversary shirt on sale
July 12, 2016
ESC 10 years anniversary shirt is now available on Lordi Web-shop.

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Lordi on Instagram
July 08, 2016
The band has finally registered official Instagram account! @lordiofficial

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Hug You Hardcore
July 04, 2016
The first single to be released from the new Lordi album is HUG YOU HARDCORE !!

Lordi's "The Arockalypse 2006 Redux Show" went pretty well last Friday at Tuska Open Air in Helsinki, Finland. The band made a show with the setlist and props that was used in "Bringing Back The Balls To Europe" tour back in 2006.

0. SCG3: Special Report
1. Bringing Back The Balls To Rock
2. Get Heavy
3. The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead
4. Biomechanic Man
5. Pet The Destroyer
6. Rock The Hell Outta You
7. Blood Red Sandman
8. It Snows In Hell
9. Who's Your Daddy?
10. They Only Come Out At Night
11. Devil Is A Loser
12. Would You Love A Monsterman?
13. Hard Rock Hallelujah

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Video from the ExtraLORDInary grand opening
June 26, 2016
LORDI Army presents: footage from the grand opening of ExtraLordinary with Mr L and Amen!

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ExtraLORDInary will be opened on Friday
June 15, 2016
The Lordi exhibition "ExtraLORDInary" will be opened on Friday with Mr L and Amen at 6pm!

ExtraLordinary – Helsinki Exhibition (17.6.-13.8.2016)
Weird Antiques
Tyynenmerenkatu 6
Jätkäsaari, 00220 Helsinki
Open wed, fri, sat, sun at 12-18

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European Monstour 2016!
June 13, 2016
European Monstour dates being announced! More dates to be announced soon!

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New Lordi album out in September!
June 11, 2016
It seems confirmed that the new Lordi studio album will be released in September! And right after that will follow European Monstour, starting in October 1st!

The new album will be kind of split-album. The first six songs of the upcoming album are classic Lordi style but the second half is conceptual. The last six songs together makes one story and they are more progressive and like 8 minutes long. At the moment the album is being mixed and Mr L is working his ass off with the new mask and outfits. Like the album, the new masks and outfits of each member will be split in half too.

Check out new interview with Mr L to find out more!

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Tour dates
June 08, 2016
Monsterican Air’s final blast off will crash into these cities this summer!

04.06.16 CZ-Plzen – Metalfest
09.06.16 SWE-Solvesborg – Sweden Rock Festival
01.07.16 FI-Helsinki – Tuska Festival
10.07.16 UKR-Ternopil – Fayne Misto
20.08.16 SWE-Falun – Sabaton Festival

European fall tour dates coming soon…

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HRH 10 years!
May 23, 2016
It's been 10 years since Lordi's victory of Eurovision Song Contest with Hard Rock Hallelujah. The band is going to release a T-shirt to celebrate the song. Mr L also made an appearance during the ESC semifinals of this year. In the grand finals Mr L, Mana and Amen appeared in the interval act.

Mr L's Arockalypse is at the moment in Stockholm and can be found in the official ABBA museum.

In Finland, the LORDI SMASH exhibition is still open until June 3rd in Kemi's Comic Exhibition (Valtakatu 22, Kemi). There can be found TMD outfits of Mr L and Amen, Arockalypse outfits of OX and Awa and for the first time, Otus' outfit is also on display. The exhibition also contains some artwork and memorabilia. On 17th June 2016 the ExtraLORDInary exhibition will be opened in Helsinki.

Finnish media has been excited about the 10th anniversary of Finland's one and only ESC victory. Here's a nice article for Finns where Mr L has been shown some news from 2006 and he tells his very own thoughts about the whole stuff of the glory days.

Also, some LORDI Army news: New Local Army has been created for UK and Ireland! Check out all the local fan clubs here.

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Amen at Sonic Pump Studios
April 26, 2016
Drums for the new Lordi album are done! Right now Amen is recording some mighty guitar tunes. Here's a little sneak peek from the studio:

Practicing my ass off. Some of the riffs in these new tunes are pretty damn difficult to play. It's gonna be a very interesting album!

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Mr L and Hella in Pitch magazine
April 23, 2016
A new online magazine from Finland, Pitch!, had a huge interview with Mr L and also an article on Hella. You can purchase the April issue from here and check it out!

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The monsters slammed into the studio!
April 19, 2016
Lordi has confirmed on their Facebook page that they started the recordings for the new studio album today! The producer has been revealed: Nino Laurenne himself, who we can remember from producing Deadache back in 2008.

"Today, the Monsters slammed into the studio with producer Nino Laurenne to record some killer new tunes. Mana is kicking things off by smashing the skins!"

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Lordi smash!
March 31, 2016
As you all know, In May it will be 10 years since Lordi's historic Eurovision Song Contest victory. To celebrate the anniversary, Kemi's Comic Exhibition will display Mr Lordi's and Mr Kaarle's rare original artwork from the Lordi comic books.

In addition to that, the exhibition includes other Lordi material such as costumes of the band, music videos, props used in the Eurovision Song Contest show, and even a one-of-a-kind Lordi moped made by the moped club Los Dementitos!

The Lordi exhibition will be open from April 30th to June 3rd at Kemi's Comic Exhibition (Valtakatu 22, Kemi). Lordi material will also be displayed this summer in Helsinki. A wide-ranging exhibition will include, for example, most of the costumes worn by the Lordi members, stage props and Mr L's paintings. The exhibition will open on June 17th in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki.

Amen has given some information on Finnish interview with Soundi.

Also, a new Lordi spot added in Finland as Kita gave some of his stuff to be archived in the wall of Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki:

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Lordi performed hybrid of HRH and Cadaver Lover
February 28, 2016
Last night Lordi opened the Finnish Eurovision finals as special guest, celebrating the 10 years anniversary of Finland's first and last victory in the contest. The band started with their classic winning song, Hard Rock Hallelujah... but in the middle of the song we got to taste some new stuff and real Lordi show!
(Of course, since it's Eurovision and TV, all instruments came from tape...)

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Lordi performs in Finnish Eurovision finals tonight!
February 27, 2016
It's been 10 years of Lordi's historic victory in Eurovision Song Contest back in 2006 by being the first Finnish act and the first hard rock act to win the contest. They also did a new record of the points. Tonight Lordi will return the Finnish Eurovision stage; performing a special show (not taking part in the contest itself). You can follow the live stream here.

Yesterday Mr L did already some promotion in Finland; here's some photos and video of him getting ready with the mask and stuff and in here you can find a Finnish article where he tells his personal feelings about Lordi's victory after ten years with some sexy new photographs. In the interview he also stated that new Lordi expo will be opened in Helsinki in May and the eight studio album will be released after summer.

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Mr L's message on the forum
February 24, 2016
Mr L has posted a message on the official Monsterboard and gave us some info about the plans of 2016 and the media silence lately:

Hi there,

Well, I tell you a little something. Yep, our schedules changed dramatically. Sorry about the radio silence. Not that it is anybodys business really, but there was an unforeseen family tragedy in my personal life as my father passed away in November, only few weeks before the studio was already booked and shit. So, everything was put on hold and cancelled and now we are somewhat at least 9-10 weeks behind from our original plan. But we are still gonna come out with a new album this year, just a bit later than what we originally had in mind. At the moment theres 34 songs to choose from, and 20 of them demoed already.
We will let u know when theres something to actually be let known.
Ps... Finns, watch tv this weekend ;)

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LORDI Army got new logo!
January 10, 2016
We are preparing for the new Lordi year 2016 by upgrading our logo to brand new! The main idea of the logo of LORDI Army has stayed the same since the beginning, 2008. The previous one we used from 2012 to 2016. Now we tried to come up with some new style but still keep it recognizable to the style of LORDI Army.

Stay tuned for more Monsterican news from the Lordi vaults!

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Soundwave festival cancelled
January 09, 2016
Really, really sad news! Australian Soundwave festival 2016 (three gigs for Lordi) has been cancelled. More info here.

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Heavy birthday to Hella!
January 02, 2016
The crew of LORDI Army wish heavy birthday to Hella - the plastic chic, Scarbie!

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Raise up in awe!

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