NEWS 2013

More info about upcoming tourbook and tour!
November 29, 2013
As we've told, the set list and stage show has been changed for the uPcoming tour. Now here's the confirmed info from Mr. Lordi: "If you saw us earlier this year, we still have few tricks up our sleeve: we changed the set list with 6 songs you did not hear during the first part ... including one song we've never played live before."

About the upcoming tour-comic-studio diary book: You can buy the book from the concerts in December. It's going to be numbered edition of 500.

Last but not least, Lordi has wished Happy Hellidays on Facebook and updated the banner and profile pic ready for Xmas and New Fear, check it out on

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Lordi @ Masters of Rock DVD
November 25, 2013
Lordi performed live on Masters of Rock festival on summer few months ago. "Who's Your Daddy?", "Blood Red Sandman" and "Sincerely With Love" can be seen on the Masters of Rock 2013 DVD release. Two songs can be found on YouTube:

Also check out Lordi practising "Beast Loose In Paradise" for the upcoming tour:

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Lordi rehearsal 14.11.2013 + Hella on Facebook and YouTube!
November 15, 2013
Hella has created YouTube account and posted a video - Lordi getting ready for upcoming Tour Beast Or Not Tour Beast Part II with updated setlist and show!

The tour starts on December 5 in Czech Republic. Hella has also created official Facebook page for hesrself. Like at

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Tour hoodie and tour shirt on Rokkikauppa!
November 8, 2013
Official 2013 tour hoodie and tour shirt can be now ordered from! Previously these clothes was possible to buy exclusively only from the Lordi concerts.


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Filthy Fairies on sale
November 8, 2013
Naked Idol's new EP feat. Mr. Lordi and Kita is now on sale!

1. Shattered (feat. Kita)
2. Hungry (For You)
3. Filthy Fairies (feat. Mr. Lordi & Kita)
4. Jane
5. Devil Ridin' Shotgun

Order from Record Shop X: Includes Naked Idol plectrum and condom

Listen samples and buy from Amazon:

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Rokkikauppa's Halloween offer!
October 28, 2013
You've been waiting for the exclusive tour merchandise to be on sale worldwide since the tour started in April. Now it's sure that atleast the T-shirts from the tour will be soon available on Rokkikauppa! Also, Rokkikauppa has a special Halloween offer for all you monstermaniacs: All Lordi T-shirts under 20 € till November 3rd. And 100 first to order will get a Lordi A4 card with Lordi's autographs! Buy the official Lordi-merchandise here:

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New official Lordi wall calendar 2014 now on sale!
October 15, 2013
New official Lordi wall calendar for next year, full of live photos from Tour Beast Or Not Tour Beast 2013 is now on sale at Rokkikauppa! Order now:

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October 5, 2013
Facebook deleted the president's account, and by that also the pages and group of LORDI Army. The only message was this: "Unfortunately, for safety and security reasons, we cannot provide additional information as to why your account was disabled. This decision is final. Thanks for your understanding Facebook team"

Glamster has created a new Facebook page and new group for LORDI Army:
Facebook page:
Facebook group:

Like, join and share!

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October 2, 2013
As most of you have noticed, our Facebook page on has mysteriously disappeared today. It's Facebook's fault. Facebook's mistake. In the morning I tried to log in my Facebook profile. But the Facebook said they've deleted my profile. For no reason. And with my profile also all the Facebook pages I maintained, including LORDI Army's page and group, has disappeared. The only page that does still exist is LORDI Army Finland's page because it's maintained by Zezuga. I've sent a message to Finnish FB team and now we can only wait and hope I'll get my profile back.

Sami Snällström aka Monsterknight
The president

You can still follow the latest Lordi news on Twitter: And of course here on our dear homepage.

Facebook deletes 20 000 accounts in a day. Beware.

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New graphics for the official FB page + info about cancelled world tour
September 30, 2013
Firstly very gorgeous news: Lordi has upgraded their graphics on the official Facebook page! Check out at

Then sad news: We already informed you about the cancelled China gigs.. Lordi was meant to have a short world tour in end of October - including few gigs in USA, Japan and China. China gigs are cancelled now for sure, and any of American gigs has not been confirmed yet. The band is still working with them, but there's not much time left. So, for now the only concert for sure is going to be the gig at Loud Park in Japan.

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Mr. Lordi has written a new song "Sinisellä Sydämellä" - played by Mana!
September 24, 2013
Mr. Lordi has written a Finnish song for RoPS, the football club of Rovaniemi! Lead vocals are singed by Martti Servo and all instruments are played by MANA! The song is also produced by Mana. And Mana has also sang some backing vocals for the song. You can listen the song, "Sinisellä Sydämellä" here:Ä_SYDÄMMELLÄ_MP3.mp3

Also, sad news about the upcoming Lordi action figures: DeConte Figures and Collectibles has had huge backups and there's no info when will the Lordi figures be ready if they ever will.

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Naked Idol: Filthy Fairies EP feat. Mr. Lordi and Kita
September 19, 2013
Mr. Lordi will appear on Magnum's current band's, Naked Idol's, first EP release! He'll be sharing lead vocals on the title track "Filthy Fairies". The EP will be published on Halloween, October 31. Also, you can hear Kita on drums in Naked Idol's single "Shattered" and "Boys of Summer". Naked Idol on Facebook:

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Big change in upcoming short world tour - China gigs cancelled
September 5, 2013
There has been happened a big change in upcoming short world tour - all the two dates in China has been cancelled. Lordi was meant to have concerts in Peking and Shanghai during the band's short world tour in October. But these gigs has been cancelled by China's authorities because of Lordi's masks.

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More info about the upcoming Lordi comics + sneak peek!
August 28, 2013
Two days ago we informed you about the upcoming Lordi book, see the previous article. Here comes some more info about the comics! Our followers on Facebook were hoping that the new comics will be in English. Yes, they're written in English! So this will be the very first time after Monster Magazine when the Lordi comics can be read in English. And here's something exclusive and special for you - a little teaser pic:

As we've told, all the comics are drawn by Finnish comics artist and Lordi fanatic Mr. Kaarle. But the new info is that they will be colored by Mr. Lordi! So that's all we're able to tell about the upcoming comics for now. The other part of the book still stays secret..

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Wait for the new official Lordi comics..!
August 26, 2013
We got some new info to tell you about the near future. It has been many years since the last Lordi comic book,Verensininen, was released. Now Lordi returns in comics again!

It seems that there will not be a comic book release in itself. However, the new Lordi comics are going to be included in something like a new studio diary/tour book mix. There will be comic versions of the fictional origins of Hella and Mana, and also the backstory comic of Otus!

Each of these comics are four pages long. The comics are drawn by a Finnish long-time die hard fanatic of Lordi, who can be found on Monsterboard under the nickname MrKaarle.

This mysterious book is planned to be published in November.

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More photos of Mr. Lordi at Wacken 2013
August 14, 2013
As we reported some days ago, Mr. Lordi did a guest appearance at this year's Wacken Open Air in Germany - he was seen in Metal Markt having an autograph session. Now you can find some nice photos of that sign session on Facebook:

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Wait for more to come...
August 8, 2013
There can be found already over 50 dates on Lordi's current tour! But does this enough for the monsters of rock? NO! So just wait for more to come and keep checking the tour dates...

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Mr. Lordi at Wacken Open Air once again!
August 5, 2013
Remember last year we spotted Mr. Lordi on stage with UDO at Wacken festival in Germany?Last weekend Mr. Lordi was seen in Metal Markt at Wacken Open Air! It was a promo/autograph session for him. We're trying to find some photos from the evening and will share them as soon as we found some.

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Mr Lordi @ Metal XS, Happy birthday OX
July 11, 2013
Mr. Lordi has been interviewed after the band's concert at Hellfest in France few weeks ago. You can watch the interview here: Interview with Mr. Lordi starts about at 12 min 50 sec, but the monsters can be seen already around at 12 min 30 sec.

Last but not least, happy fucking birthday to OX!

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LORDI Army questionnaire
July 11, 2013
Please check out and answer a few questions about LORDI Army. It's for an project by Irish student but it also helps us to make better LORDI Army!

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The monsters returns to Japan!
July 4, 2013
Lordi returns to Asia! The band will be performing in Japan at Loud Park festival on October 19th in this year! "To Beast or Not to Beast" was released in Japan on April 17.

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Amen's birthday and some new guitars
June 26, 2013
We wish happy day to the birthday boy Amen! Check out what the man bought for himself as a birthday present. Also check out OX's new white bass.

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Summer festival tour starts today at Hellfest - watch on live stream!
June 23, 2013
Lordi will be performing tonight at Hellfest in France! That's the first concert after one month long break and first concert of Lordi's summer festival tour. And that's also Lordi's first summer festival with Mana and Hella! The summer festival gigs will be performed with pyrotechnics and we've heard rumors that also fire breathers Nympherno will be seen on stage! We will try to upload the concert from Hellfest tomorrow on our YouTube channel!

WATCH THE SHOW LIVE FROM THE STREAM! Lordi's show in Hellfest will be broadcasted and you can watch it live tonight via this link: There's a countdown in the stream so when does the show start? Do the math.

While waiting for the show, check out a trailer by Mr Lordi and Mana:

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Sincerely With Love + fire breathers Nympherno
June 6, 2013

In some last gigs of the tour Heavy Metal dude was seen on the stage also during song "Sincerely with Love". Check out a video:

Lordi performed their last concerts of Tour Beast Or Not Tour Beast with special guest fire breathers, Nympherno. Check out the videos:
Girls Go Chopping
They Only Come Out At Night
Would You Love a Monsterman?

Lordi on summer festivals:
June 23 - Hellfest / Clisson, France
July 12 - Bang Your Head / Balingen, Germany »tickets
July 13 - Masters Of Rock / Vizovice, Czech Republic »tickets
July 20 - Narva Bike Week / Narva, Estonia
July 26 - Skogsröjet / Rejmyre, Sweden

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Finnish blog from Tour Beast
June 5, 2013

Mana's drum tech Vilho Rajala has written a blog in Finnish during Lordi's European tour "Tour Beast Or Not Tour Beast". You can read all parts of the blog now from

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Even if you can't read Finnish, check it out for exclusive photos from the tour!

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New interviews! The tour has ended
May 14, 2013
Tour Beast Or Not Tour Beast has ended for a while and now it's time for MS Viking Grace and summer festivals. The Tour Beast continues at the latest on December. Tons of good live photos from the tour can be found for example from Lordicted.

Check out new interviews from the tour with OX and Mr. Lordi:

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More tour news
April 7, 2013
As the setlist says, there's two hybrids in the set. That means the next song starts before the previous ends. Those are Bring It On + Happy New Fear and ZombieRawkMachine + This Is Heavy Metal. Another of those hybrids is now on YouTube:

Btw, "Bring It On" has been played last time like eight years ago, and the band has never played ZombieRawkMachine before!

Also these videos includes something new to see:

Mana's levitation

The first live video of "The Riff", the show includes the devil who has lost his mind with all that
hip-hop shit

"We're Not Bad For The Kids (We're Worse)" and two headed baby

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Tour news
April 6, 2013
Note: We won't post "tour news" anymore if there's only some new videos or photos. But if we find photos or videos including something what we haven't seen yet, like for example Hella's or Ox's solo, then we will make a news about it.

Check out live photos from Hamburg:

Some exclusive new merchandise, like hoodie, cap and couple of T-shirts can be bought from the concerts only (for now.) You can also buy the digipak version of the album with the band's autographs! Check out a photo by Hella

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Material from the opening night of Tour Beast!
April 4, 2013
The band opened their European tour 2013 last night in Germany! The show and the props has been upgraded to even more beastly! Some info and links can be found below. All band members has once again their own solos and trick scenes. Check out live photos by our members on community page and the full setlist from our Facebook!

Intro + We're Not Bad For The Kids (We're Worse)
Girls Go Chopping
Blood Red Sandman
Mana's drum solo
They Only Come Out At Night
I Luv Ugly
Hulking Dynamo
Sincerely With Love
Would You Love a Monsterman

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Tour Beast Or Not Tour Beast Opening night tomorrow!!
April 2, 2013
Lordi's bloody European tour starts tomorrow! The opening night of the brand new monster-show with new stage props and HELLA & MANA will be seen at Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany. (tickets) Check out all tour dates HERE.

We will be waiting here for the very first photos and videos from the opening concert, and post all the links we find, in real-time, so keep on looking our homepage on tomorrow night!

Are you going to see the monsters live in this year? Answer on our newest POLL!

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B-sides in Beast Bundles!
April 1, 2013
Many fans have been sad because there was no b-sides in TBONTB album's different editions. But now there's found so called easter eggs from the Beast Bundles! From the T-shirts you can find this "QR-Code-Scan"-thing! Take the photo with your smartphone and get surprised! Buy the bundles here.

Bonus tracks & bundles:

Feast For The Beasts - EMP bundle
Praise My Balls - Omega Order bundle
I Hate Horses (Except As A Pizza Filling) - Rokkikauppa bundle
Shock The Night - Record Shop X bundle

Edit 8:15pm the April Fool's Day is almost over, so let's make this clear:
Yes, this was a prank. So, you can't find any bonus tracks, sorry. Thanks for KKE, Hemitys and Antha on the Board!

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New audio interview with OX
March 26, 2013
New, short interview with Mr. OX can be found here:
"Our goal is to entertain, both in music and in show!"

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Mr. Lordi @ Movie Days
March 24, 2013
Mr. Lordi was seen with Bruce Kulick at German "Movie Days - The Dark Zone" event last weekend! Check out the video.

Photo from Bruce's Twitter: Bruce Kulick with Mr. Lordi
Some more photos of Mr. Lordi during the Movie Days can be found here.

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Mana's custom drumsticks by Balbex
March 19, 2013
Balbex - a drum brand that Mana uses, uploaded this photo on their Facebook page:

In the photo you can see exclusive and official Mana drumsticks! Those are not for sale... You must get them from Mana on the tour!!

Mr. Lordi was seen at German motor bike event Good Vibrations, a day after the band performed on TV Total Wok Wm in Germany. Check out this exclusive video interview from the Good Vibrations:

Also check out this advert of the upcoming Lordi action figures;
More info can be found on our site in "Upcoming things" page.

And fans in USA: Remember this, the new album has been released in US today! Rock on!

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New video interviews and photos and tour news and something else
March 13, 2013
TO BEAST OR NOT TO BEAST will be released in Japan on April 17! (Pre-oder in Japan) Japanese version contains "Hulking Dynamo" as a bonus track. It's the same original version as in the Scarchives Vol.1.

USA release in next week! (Pre-order in USA)

The European tour "Tour Beast Or Not Tour Beast" is going to start soon.

Check out another new video interview, with Mr. Lordi and Mana! Interview by UberRock:

And this video interview with Mr. Lordi and Mana, by

Trailer for Lordi's concert at Hellfest, France (June 23), by Mr. Lordi and Mana:

Here's a list of some new photos, most of them are just photos of Mr. Lordi only. Click the title to continue in the photo album:
Mr. Lordi in Frankfurt, Germany (March 5)
Mr. Lordi @ German photo shooting, Munich (March 3)
Mr. Lordi @ Munich (March)
Mr. Lordi and Mana in Hard Rock Cafe, Paris (February 13)

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"The Riff" on iTunes Metal homepage in USA and Canada
March 5, 2013
The new single "The Riff" is New and Noteworthy on the iTunes Metal homepage in USA and Canada!

Few photos of Lordi @ TV Total WOK WM 2013 Oberhof can be found on, uploaded by ExtremNews!

LORDI ON TV ONCE AGAIN! Seems Mr. Lordi can be seen on German "Hairforce 1" on IM1 , on Thursday March 7, at 9:00pm (German time). IM1 should be possible to watch online here:

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New Face T-shirts available on Rokkikauppa! (pre-order)
March 4, 2013
Brand new Lordi face T-shirts for the new era are now available on Rokkikauppa for pre-order! The shirts comes on sale for next week. This time the shirts has exclusive back print of the band member's skull! Mana has got also some extra text to back. ;) Pre-order from

Also remember to buy all or one of the Beast Bundles and get exclusive Lordi-shirt from the current era! Links can be found from "The Beast Bundle" sidebar.

Mr. Lordi was seen in München yesterday, March 3!! He had a special promo day there. That was a day after the band's appear in WOK world championships 2013. Check out few awesome photos on Facebook!

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Lordi @ Wok WM 2013 - Watch all the videos
March 3, 2013
The band spent last night on the WOK world championships in Oberhof / Thüringen in Germany. First Lordi performed The Riff as a playback live show, then Amen, Mana, Hella and Ox went to backstage to get ready for a ride on the ultimate sledding hill.


In the beginning of the WOK world championships, all the competitors walked in line, and there was also seen Ox, Hella, Mana and Amen dressed in exclusive custom helmets and armors, holding a huge Finland flag. Mr. Lordi didn't take a ride, because it was Four-Man Wok, for four people. But he told that in interview if the band members sucked, they will get their asses slapped. Place 9 was quite good run for their first WOK participating.

FIRST RUN - Lordi @ 24:11 - 29:13

SECOND RUN - Lordi @ 05:56 - 07:41

We found very good interview by Metal Rules with Mr. Lordi and Mana! Contains some cool photos also. Intervied during Lordi's promotion trip in London on February. Check out on

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Lordi @ TV Total Wok WM 2013!
March 2, 2013
Bringing back the balls to Wok! Lordi took a part on the WOK world championships in Oberhof / Thüringen in Germany. The band will be performing live on German TV tonight at 8:15pm (German time) on Channel Pro7. Live stream can be found on, the channel is PRO 7.

The band was seen there already at last night, here's something interesting to watch:

Mana's jump:

Short interview with Hella, Mr. Lordi and Mana:

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New album "To Beast or Not to Beast" out today!
March 1, 2013
The sixth studio album TBONTB - To Beast or Not to Beast is released today!! Lyrics for the new songs are available here. USA release on March 19. What is the beast song from the album? Vote your favorite on this month's POLL!

Last night there was released FOURTH different version of the Beast Bundle. The bundle contains exclusive T-shirt with back print and Digipak edition of the album.
Buy now from !

Today has been also released the second and last part of MetalXS's interview with Mr. Lordi and Mana, it starts at 10mn 10sek:

Finnish Radio City also released an interview with Mr. Lordi and Mana - there you can hear for the first time Mana talking in Finnish!

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Lordi cranked out the music video of The Riff!!
February 27, 2013
The official music video for The Riff feat. playmate Dominika Jandlova can be seen now on YouTube!

Also check out short "making of" clip:

Photos from behind the scenes, we have posted these on Facebook already few weeks ago, but lets make the list again:
Radio Beat
Prago Koncert
Spark-rock magazine

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Now it's sure: Lordi will be performing on German television
February 27, 2013
As we have reported two weeks ago but wasn't 100% sure yet - Now it is sure: Lordi will be performing on German "WOK world championships" on March 2. There the band will play their new single "The Riff" live for the first time!


Also check out video clip from Mr. Lordi's and Mana's press conference in France:


All fans! Visit on Finnish radio station's homepage and vote Lordi's new single The Riff to be METAL, not crap! There's a poll "metal or crap" and now the song is Lordi's The Riff. Get to and choose "Rautaa" !!! \,,/

News for Finnish fans:
Raskaan rockin erikoislehti Inferno numero 2/2013 sisältää A4-kokoisen, eksklusiivisen ja tyylikkään mainoksen uudesta letusta, sekä haastattelun Mr. Lordin kanssa. LORDI Army suosittelee vahvasti!

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Arto Nyberg's Finnish interview with Mr. Lordi
February 24, 2013
As we reported yesterday, Mr. Lordi visited on Finnish interview today, Sunday, February 24. The interview was aired live on "Arto Nyberg" program, on YLE TV 1 at 7:45 - 8:30 pm (Finnish time). The interview can be seen now on YLE Areena player but the file is available in Finland only:

SPOILER! Seems someone has uploaded illegally a new song from upcoming album to YouTube. We won't share it here.

But we recommend to check out these new reviews:
Metal Kaoz (Rating: 7/10)
Myglobalmind (Rating: 7/10)
The Front Row Report

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Interview by Metal XS + once again new samples!
February 23, 2013
French Metal XS - Part 1/2 of interview with Mr. Lordi and Mana! Talking about zombie invasion. Watch the interview on Lordi interview starts about at 13:00 The second part will be released later and it will be longer!


New version of samples has been uploaded! Listen them here:

That's the third different version of the samples. Other versions can be found from and

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The Late Late Show Eurosong Special - available on YouTube
February 23, 2013
Firstly: Good news for Finnish fans! Mr. Lordi will be on Finnish interview tomorrow, Sunday, February 24! The interview can be seen live on "Arto Nyberg" program, on YLE TV 1 at 19:45 (Finnish time).

Last night Lordi performed "Hard Rock Hallelujah" on Irish TV show "The Late Late Show - Eurosong Special". That was the band's very first live show with TBONTB-costumes and with the new band members Mana and Hella!

You can watch the Lordi show on YouTube:

And seems the band will also visit on German TV total Wok-WM 2013 to play their new single "The Riff" on March. No more info available about that event so we can't be sure yet is this gig really going to happen..

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Eurosong 2013 at The Late Late Show HAS BEGAN - watch live online!
February 22, 2013
Irish "Eurosong 2013" in "The Late Late Show" has began! The monsters are ready for action! Lordi is the guest band in the end of the show. You can watch it live on this player:

This will be the band's very first live show with TBONTB costumes and with new band members MANA and HELLA!

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Another video interview with Mr L & Mana + new samples
February 21, 2013
Check out new video interview with Mr. Lordi and Mana, by Rock N'live production:

A French article with some photos can be found on

The interview from Metal XS was planned to be released today but there was found new song "I Luv Ugly" playing under the interview so the video need to be re-edited.

Remember to buy your own Beast Bundle!

SPOILER - New and longer samples of all songs can be found on

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Now it's sure: Lordi will be performing at Irish "Eurosong 2013"
February 20, 2013
As we reported last Monday - but wasn't 100% sure yet - Lordi will be performing at Irish TV show called Eurosong 2013. The band visits there as the guest stars and will play one song. Lordi's appearance can be seen on "The Late Late Show" on RTE One TV-channel on this Friday, February 22. You can watch it online here:

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Three different versions of the BEAST BUNDLE! CD + T-shirt
February 19, 2013
Are you ready for some monsters? Here they comes ready or not! Pre-order one or all of these exclusive Beast Bundles:

ROKKIKAUPPA (Worldwide) CD + T-shirt


RECORD SHOP X (Europe) CD + T-shirt

The difference between these bundles are in T-shirts. Every bundle contains different and exclusive Lordi T-shirt. Those shirts won't be available separately. The album is a normal version of the album in all bundles.

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Metal XS: interview with Mana and Mr. Lordi - coming soon
February 19, 2013
Next Thursday there will be aired an interview with Mana and Mr. Lordi on the French TV show called Metal XS. That's the first of two parts. Part 2/2 will be released a week later. As our source says, they're talking about.. zombie invasion? We'll see.. Those English interviews will be available as a full versions on

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Eurosong, TV total Wok-WM, Tour Beast, I'm The Best!
February 18, 2013
Seems Lordi will be performing at Irish Eurosong 2013 on February 22. The band will also visit on German TV total Wok-WM 2013 to play their new single The Riff on March. No more info available about these events so we can't be sure yet are these gigs really going to happen..

Mana and Mr. Lordi gave a press conference in Hard Rock Cafe, Paris, on February 13 to promote the band's upcoming album. ( A French article at ) It was told there that the band has chosen to renew their setlist for European tour 2013. They'll play at least seven songs from the new album and even some songs from Bend Over And Pray The Lord album from 1997. Few photos from the conference can be found from and

Some new tour dates:

April 09 - L'Empreinte / Savigny-le-Temple, French
April 23 - Alzire / Valencia, Spain
April 28 - Sala Hangar / Burgos, Spain
May 01 - De Pul / Uden, The Netherlands
May 04 - Limelight 1 / Belfast, Ireland
May 06 - Warehouse 23 / Wakefield, UK
May 18 - MS Viking Grace / Turku, Finland
July 20 - Narva Bike Week / Narva, Estonia
July 26 - Skogsröjet / Rejmyre, Sweden


Of course the new single "The Riff" has been played in radio, but some radio stations has been played also other songs from the upcoming album. There has been played "We're Not Bad For The Kids (We're Worse)" few times at Full Metal Jackie in USA. You can listen another song, "I'm The Best" on 2112 Estacion de Rock online!

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To Beast or Not to Beast - only two weeks to release!
February 16, 2013
The Beast Bundle is now available also for the fans in Europe: Record Shop X
It's limited edition. The T-shirt is not available separately and it has exclusive design!
American fans can pre-order the bundle from The Omega Order.

"To Beast or Not to Beast" studio album will be released also as a digipak and vinyl LP edition.
You can pre-order all versions for example from EMP.

Europe: March 1
USA: March 19

While waiting for the release, you can check out this bunch of album reviews:
NOTE: spoiler possible!

Planetmosh (rating: 10/10)
MyRemains Reviews (rating: 9/10)
HeavyParadise (rating: 8/10)
Apochs Metal Review (rating: 8/10)
Macnhester Rocks (no rating)

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Heavy birthday Mr. Lordi!
February 15, 2013
Mr. Lordi, we wish you heavy birthday sincerely with love! Have a beastly day.

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Video interview with Mr. Lordi and Mana!
February 14, 2013
Sonic Shocks Ltd released today a video interview with Mana and Mr. Lordi. That is the very first clip where you can hear Mana's voice and way to speak.

The interview was made in London. They're talking about upcoming album, Otus, new band member Mana and costumes.

Check out the video from YouTube:

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New interviews with Mr. Lordi - talking about upcoming album
February 13, 2013
Mark Dean, journalist of Myglobalmind, has been made new interview with Mr. Lordi.
(Yes, we know about the bad quality, the interview has been made via phone)

They're talking about the upcoming album and Mr. Lordi explains the birth of every song,
and some other stuff. You can listen the interview on!
The audio is also available on YouTube:

Another new interview, text only, can be found from


Also something good new for fans in Europe: The "Beast Bundle" set is now available also on Levykauppa Äx! The set includes the album To Beast or Not to Beast and exclusive T-shirt.
Limited edition for sure, pre-order yours fast!

P.S. Many of you may remember what day is it today? If don't, check out your Lordi wall calendar 2013. Rock in peace, Otus.

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Upgradead LORDI Army for new Lordi era - READY FOR ACTION!
February 12, 2013
Hellcome to the homepage of Upgradead LORDI Army!! The whole website has been upgraded to even more beastful look. All pages are updated with new features and there can be found even some brand new pages!

Brand new pages:

Upcoming things - There we maintain a list of all upcoming things (releases, events, etc.) that is coming from Lordi, and try to tell shortly all info that we know about them so far.
Releases - We deleted old discography-page and made brand new page for Lordi's releases! There can be found also some new categories now.
Merchandise - The page includes links to Lordi products that you can buy online, and archive of merchandise from former eras.
Old stuff - A page available for registered users only. There can be found some rare, old and random Lordi stuff from the archives...
Interviews - That exclusive page brings you interviews with members and other team of Lordi, interviewed by Monsterknight!
Polls - In fact, it's not a new page, but previously it was a feature in community-page for members only.

Old pages with new features:

The Band page is upgraded with page for guest musicians.
Tour dates can be sorted by year, location, era or line-up.

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Official LYRIC VIDEO for "The Riff"
February 10, 2013
Lordi has released official "lyric video" for "The Riff" on their Facebook page. The video was also released in YouTube by AFM records and Lordi VEVO. Check out:

Official Lordi Facebook:
AFM Records:
Lordi VEVO:

The official music video of the song will be released soon!

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The Riff music video - check out photos and interview behind the scenes
February 9, 2013
The music video for The Riff will be the most brutal Lordi music video ever! The video contains Playmate 2012 chick and some wild zombies! Check out loads of photos from filming and short interview behind the scenes (dubbed Czech).

Radio BEAT
Rock magazine Spark

Video interview:
VIP zpravy

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New single THE RIFF out today!
February 8, 2013
The new single "The Riff" from upcoming album "To Beast or Not to Beast" has been released today as a digital version! Seems there's not coming physical version of it. It's available on iTunes and Spotify.

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Music video for "The Riff" will be filmed in Czech Republic
February 6, 2013
The band is currently in Czech Republic filming their new music video for the song "The Riff". The place to film is popular supermarket Albert. More info coming soon! And remember: The new single "The Riff" will be released on Friday.

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Album's cover and track list out!
January 14, 2013
The cover artwork and track list of the upcoming studio album "To Beast or Not to Beast" are officially out today! As always, songs are written by band members themselves and cover is of course painted by Mr. Lordi.

01. We're Not Bad For The Kids (We're Worse)
02. I Luv Ugly
03. The Riff
04. Something Wicked This Way Comes
05. I'm The Best
06. Horrifiction
07. Happy New Fear
08. Schizo Doll
09. Candy For The Cannibal
10. Sincerely With Love
11. SCG6: Otus' Butcher Clinic

Album's original name was planned to be "Upgradead". However, the name was changed and now Mr. Lordi is ready to tell a backstory:

"The album cover painting is actually a part of a larger picture. The original artwork had this vintage - styled lady holding a horned skull, which, however, was not the main point of the art piece. There was something not quite right with the setting, so I made experiments with various versions and frames. Album title was 'Upgradead' at that point in time, and the painting was done with that title in mind.

But now, with a changed concept of the artwork, the title did not seem to fit anymore. We did not consider it an A-class name either. Our guitarist Amen came up with the final title, which we felt suitable and perfect both for the cover artwork and the album."

Some of you noticed we already posted the cover and track list, but we needed to take it back until the label has released the info officially.

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Mr. Lordi will appear @ German Movie Days event on March
January 13, 2013
Mr. Lordi will be one of the special guests at this year's Movie Days/The Dark Zone, a huge movie and entertainment event in Dortmund, Germany. He will be ready for autographs and photos. For more info about Movie Days, check out

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Heavy birthday to HELLA!
January 2, 2013
Happy birthday to our new Helltoy, Hella!

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Mana and Hella on Twitter
January 1, 2013
You can now follow and contact the new members Mana and Hella on Twitter! Their official accounts are @ManaOfLordi and @HellaOfLordi.

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