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Monstrous Christmas!
December 24, 2012
Merry you know what and happy blah blah! New drummer Mana wish you merry Christmas via Monsterboard:

My dear little worms,

I remember this one happy Christmas from the jolly old 12th century. In this small Finnish countryside village, I was just finishing my sermon by the town square, when this sweet little girls came to me and asked, if I was the Father Christmas. I was forced to correct her heretic believes by making her watch, while I burned her infidel parents alive. That sure straightened her up.

So, don't make me come to you, my dear maggots. It would take more than just couple of MIAU's to get off that hook.

Merry merry Manamas and a happy happy new fear!

Mana is quite active on official Lordi forum at the moment. We recommend to take a look what he writes on Monsterboard.

We also have some news to tell: More tour dates has been announced. Check out dates here.

LORDI Army's homepage will be updated in beginning of 2013. On forum you can tell your ideas about that what we should change in the website to make it better.

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"The drummer" was a guest musician
December 18, 2012
The mysterious drummer in disguise that we saw on Lordi's 2012 gigs was not Mana. He was Jimmy Hammer, the drummer of Finnish hard rock band Ironcross. He was meant to become official member of the band but he didn't.

Jimmy Hammer is one of Mr Lordi's and Amen's idols and he will get his credits in the booklet of "To Beast or Not to Beast". The drums in the album are played by Mana, the official drummer who's replacing the mighty Otus.

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December 17, 2012

The upcoming album is named To Beast Or Not To Beast and it will be released on March 8, 2013. The album will be released in Finland by Sony Music and elsewhere in Europe by AFM Records.

The road to this album has truly been paved by hardships, Mr Lordi says. However, the new line-up of the band has given us a new and flesh touch and an energetic edge to the recording process, and to the album itself.

In the spring of 2013 the band will also embark a European tour "Tour Beast Or Not Tour Beast". Updated tour dates can be found here. (Dates being announced during end of 2012 and begin of 2013.)

The names of the new two monsters are Mana (drums) and Hella (keyboards).
You can find the brand new promotional pictures of the band here and read the biography of the new members here. Also check out the band's updated homepage at WWW.LORDI.FI

Click the name of the monster to see the photo:

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Lordi's performance @ Chart Show now available on YouTube!
December 15, 2012
As we have reported in summer, Lordi performed on German TV show called The Ultimative Chart Show on July 6. The show was recorded in nobeo-Studios in Hürth and broadcasted on German TV channel RTL on November 23. Now the band's performance is available on YouTube, uploaded by LordiFanBelgium. The line-up includes the new drummer in his temporary mask.

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What we know about the new upcoming era
December 7, 2012
The new era of Lordi will be unleashed soon since it's the last month of the year now. Now it's time to do revision of all things that we know about the new upcoming Lordi era. There's also some new things that we haven't reported before.

The title of the sixth studio album will include six words. About the title, Mr Lordi has wrote this on official Lordi forum, Monsterboard on Wednesday:

The title has six words this time. We had tons of titles already a year ago, and one was already selected, then because of lot of things we started to changing it.. and changing it... and changing it... We finally decided on the title like 6 weeks ago... And yesterday we changed it again and that's the one we're gonna go with. Amen came up with the title. And whatever he might say, he did. Now back to the artwork of the next album.

The album will be released in beginning of 2013. The band has told that the single will be released sooner than you think.. The outro track of the album is named "SCG6: Otus' Butcher Clinic" for tribute to Otus. It will include Otus' drum solo from band's concert at Paris in 2010. The first single to release is called "The Riff".

The promotional pictures of the band with new masks and suits has been taken few weeks ago. The very first photos of the new mask and the new line-up with new drummer and keyboardist will be released in end of this year. Amen has uploaded few teaser photos of his new costumes to his Twitter.

There has not been told any tour dates officially in the bands site yet so we can't be sure about any of dates. But the tour will possible include:
Feb 14 - Heineken Tower Stage / Bratislava, Slovakia
April 3 - Markthalle / Hamburg, Germany
April 5 - Kaminwerk / Memmingen, Germany
April 6 - TV Turnhalle Bieber / Offenbach, Germany
April 7 - Alte Seilerei Mannheim / Mannheim, Germany
April 11 - Essigfabrik / Köln, Germany
April 12 - VAZ / Burglengenfeld, Germany
April 13 - Hellraiser / Leipzig, Germany
April 17 - Z7 / Pratteln, Swizerland
April 19 - Orion Club / Rom, Italy
April 20 - New Age Club / Treviso, Italy
April 21 - Alcatraz / Mailand, Italy
July 12 or 13 - Band Your Head / Balingen, Germany
July 11-14 - Masters Of Rock / Vizovice, Czech Republic

And in the end of the era will be released the full Lordi-documentary film which will possible be in cinemas internationally. Seems that's all we know about the upcoming era for now. Stay tuned.

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New masks of Lordi will be revealed in end of this year!
November 28, 2012
The brand new promotional pictures of new Lordi with two new monsters has been taken. The new masks and two new monsters of the band will be unleashed in end of this year. The exact date has not been disclosed yet.

Amen has uploaded few sneak peek photos of his costume to his Twitter. You can check out the photos here. OX told on his Twitter: "We're all so fucking pretty!"

Stay tuned...

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SCG 6: Otus' Butcher Clinic
November 15, 2012
The brand new, sixth Lordi album is finally done! It will be released in the early 2013.

"I got a call from Mr. Death this morning". Those lyrics will be heard in the upcoming single" The Riff".
In the song grim reaper takes the narrator of the song for a ride. Mr. Lordi promises that the song will sound heavier than any else released Lordi song!

This time SCG won't be intro. It will be very special outro named "SCG6: Otus' Butcher Clinic". As you can see from the title, it's band's tribute for their former drummer Otus who sadly passed away. It will include Otus' drum solo that they recorded when the band was performing @ Paris in 2010.

The band's new masks and two new members will be unleashed in end of this year.

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Now it's sure: A full documentary film about Lordi coming out in 2014!
November 15, 2012
As we have been told, there's some kind of documentary material coming. Now it's sure: a full documentary film about the prettiest band on the planet is coming out in 2014!

Finnish production company Illume Oy has acquired exclusive rights to make a documentary film about Lordi. The film follows the band and its leading man Mr. Lordi behind the scenes for the first time. It will also include previously unreleased archive material from Mr. Lordi's childhood and the very birth of the band twenty years ago.

This international project's premiere is planned for spring 2014. Filming has taken place in Finland and elsewhere in Europe as well as in the USA. Development support has come from Finnish funders and also from the Media programme of the European Union.

The director is an award winner of Film Australia Documentary Award and Luleå Art Bienniale, Antti Haase.
Producers for Illume Oy are Venla Hellstedt and Jouko Aaltonen.

Mr. Lordi tells about the upcoming documentary film:

"We wanted to lift the curtain on the band's image at long last and enlighten the reality behind the masks and the costumes, that is sometimes not so glamorous. Never before we let cameras in to follow our life so closely. Antti Haase is the best director for this film because he knows where the band I spring from. My and Antti's childhood homes are just a few hundred meters apart."

The director Antti Haase says:

"When we were children, Mr. Lordi was the one and only friend who passionately wanted to be a real monster. I believe that Lordi's story will appeal to everyone who refuses to give up their dreams, despite the greatest obstacles."

The budget for the movie is 500 000 euros and its length will be 90 minutes. Illume Oy is trying to get it's premiere to be in cinemas internationally. Check out the movie website

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Lordi will perform @ Masters Of Rock festival 2013 ?
November 13, 2012
Seems Lordi is confirmed for Czech festival Masters Of Rock 2013. They have been there last time in 2010 during Deadache tour. There can't be found information about next year from the official website of MOR, that info has been released in site called that released this photo (with faked Lordi logo...) Masters Of Rock will be held from 11 to 14 July 2013. The ticket price has not been disclosed yet.

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Official Lordi wall calendar for 2013 now on pre-order!
October 29, 2012
NEW Lordi is coming... Get ready and pre-order now the brand new Lordi 2013 wall calendar for next year and you will get it in Christmas! As always, the calendar is designed by Mr Lordi and its size is A3.


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Get ready for sixth Scarctic Circle Gathering!
October 26, 2012
Mr. Lordi reports about the sixth Lordi album! Waiting is almost over? Here's a message that he posted to the official Lordi forum:

"One song still to be mixed. And a very special SCG. Definitely the most aggressive album from us yet. Still thinking about the title. First single already selected. Another for the video not quite yet. You'll hear the first cut sooner than you think, and you will see the new us!"

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Scarchives Vol. 1 + anniversary T-shirt & pick
October 18, 2012
Lordi's official merchandise store Rokkikauppa put Scarchives Vol. 1 CD+DVD, Anniversary t-shirt and Anniversary plectrum to one box so called "Anniversary box"! The price for these items in one box is 34,90€ and you also get the 15% discount code for all the Lordi products. Also remember this you can't get the plectrum anywhere else! Order the collection of 20th Anniversary items here!

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Ultimate Lordi book club collection available
October 12, 2012
The ultimate Lordi book club collection is now available in Rokkikauppa! The collection includes two tour books, first one is very large from 2009 that includes photos from Deadache tour and the second one called "Breakfast Book" includes previously unreleased promo pictures from 2010 with Otus! The biography book "Mie Oon Lordi" includes rare photos from the band members's childhood and many photos from behind the scenes and it's also autographed by Mr Lordi! Last but not least you get the 15% discount code for the Lordi items from Rokkikauppa.

This unique set cost only 34,99 euros which is almost same as a price of one book! Get the ultimate Lordi book club collection now from

P.S. Remember to follow Amen on Twitter, he has been sending some photos and short videos from studio!

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The new keyboardist says hi
September 21, 2012
The new keyboardist has joined the official Lordi forum Monsterboard. Her nickname is "The New Keyboardist" for now and she sent greetings from studio where the band is currently recording the sixth studio album:

Hi there!

Greetings from Nashville! Can't wait to get on stage and see you all - it's a pleasure and f*uckin' fun to follow this topic and your awesome creative visions about me! Keep it up, I'm here with you.

-"The New Keyboardist"

PS. Amen and Mr. Lordi says hello...with mouth full of pizza...

The message and replies can be found here.

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Limited batch of rare collector's boxes in Rokkikauppa!
September 18, 2012
Attention Lordi collectors! Today we got once again something new from the Lordi archives to celebrate the anniversary! There is now available limited number of 7 collector's boxes in Rokkikauppa.

This UNIQUE set includes:
- Signed strings for bass used in the recordings of Babez For Breakfast album
- Signed drum membrane used on Deadache tour
- Ox plectrum from Deadache era
- Amen plectrum from Deadache era

Even with that fact the Evans drum heads are used on Deadache tour by Kita, some of them are signed in 2010 with OTUS! (Rest in peace) Be very fast if you want to get your own from


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Scarchives has now free shipping anywhere in the world
September 4, 2012
Scarchives Vol.1 is available in Rokkikauppa only. Many fans have appealed the total high shipping cost. Today Lordi told on their Facebook page: "By using the discount code "LORDI" you will get free shipping anywhere in the world! This offer is valid until September 30, 2012. Rock'n'roll!" You can order Scarchives here.

On our Facebook page you can find some photos of Scarchives that we have taken earlier today.

P.S. We'll add the lyrics for songs from Bend Over And Pray The Lord to our website later this week!

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Scarchives Vol.1 CD+DVD out today!
September 3, 2012
The very special limited edition CD+DVD compilation digipak Scarchives Vol.1 has been unleashed today! Have you ordered your own? More info will be updated soon to Scarchives Vol.1 and Bend Over And Pray The Lord pages in Discography. If you did or didn't get Scarchives you may share your feelings below! You can buy the compilation here.

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Vote for Lordi @ MTV EMA
August 31, 2012
Vote for Lordi to be nominated for the Best Finnish Act in MTV EMA Music Awards 2012! Get to poll via this link:
NOTE: You can vote once every 24 hours.

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Amen released the back cover of Scarchives Vol.1
August 28, 2012
Today Mr. Amen posted truly epic photo on his Twitter... There we can see the back cover of the Scarchives!! This special edition compilation digipak album will be released in 6 days! Remember to pre-order quickly if you want to get the rare 20th anniversary plectrum free of charge:

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Awa now on Facebook!
August 21, 2012
Lady Awa de Paysant can be found from Facebook now! The profile is real and made by Awa herself. Send friend request to her and keep contact!

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20th/10th anniversary concert is done
August 18, 2012
The band's 20th/10th anniversary concert is done! You can find few video clips filmed by me from community theater: Dynamite Tonite, The Rebirth Of The Countess

On our Facebook page can be found some photos by me and Simerock:
And seems the good member of the LORDI Army, Juu50x has uploaded very good live photos to social gallery that can be found from Page 3 and Page 4

It was very special day, at least it was the band's anniversary concert but also Awa's last gig.
In the daytime Mr. Lordi was already seen on the Simerock stage with band called Martti Servo & Napander when they sang together song called "BoogieWoogieReggaePartyRock'n'RollMan". (video) As the band had promised, there was stage props from former tours on the stage. For example towers from 2004 (Lordi-logo) and towers from 2006 (clock), Zombie-girls Pirkko from 2002 and Maikku from 2006, cannons from 2004 and Awa's tombstone from 2006. And much more! And it was the only gig in 2012 when the band used pyrotechnics. And there was also Mr. Lordi's Rock'n'Rollo choir from Kuorosota signing in two last songs. And the founder of Simerock, Sime Yliaska visited on the stage and gave a rose to Awa. (photo) After the concert there was public Meet&Greet where the fans had a chance to meet the band and wish last kiss goodbye to Awa.

During the show someones got the exclusive anniversary plectrum from Amen and OX that you can get if you have pre-ordered Scarchives Vol.1! If you still haven't pre-ordered it, do it now! Only 16 days to release. The concert and Meet&Greet was filmed by official crew and we may get it on DVD someday..

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Mr. Lordi @ Wacken Open Air 2012 with Udo
August 3, 2012
Mr. Lordi has been singing at Wacken Open Air festival during Udo's concert. Check out the video there this awesome devil duo sings together Udo's song Break The Rules:

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Message from Awa
August 1, 2012
Here's a full message from our dear Lady Awa where she tells her reasons to that why she will leave the band:

"The final decision is done and said it out loud. I’m leaving. This was probably one of the biggest and hardest decisions I’ve done so far in my life but it had to be done. These thoughts, feelings and doubts have been little by little starting to kind of grow in my mind. And you know, you can’t fool yourself forever and stop your inner voice telling you that you are not anymore in the right place and you are not happy to the direction your life is going. A couple of years already I’ve felt that I can’t give Lordi anymore what it takes and what it needs. Not fully. And that’s not good for anybody, not to the band and not the fans. And not to myself of course either.

Now, it’s understandable, everybody wants to know “why, what’s the reason?” Unfortunately there’s not a simple black and white answer to that. Let’s just say that there were less and less plusses and an increasing amount of minuses for me to continue in the band anymore. Seven years I’ve been with Lordi, seven wonderful but also very demanding years. We’ve experienced our ups and downs and for sure Lordi has taught me many big lessons in life and given opportunities and chances that I could have only dreamt of before. And I forever appreciate it all. But now I guess I’ve become old I wanna stabilize my life. I want to get a better and balanced relationship with my work life, private life and free time. Maybe I still have also some other ambitions and dreams that I want to try to achieve in my life like songwriting. Also my body is demanding a break from my so beautiful but heavy costume.

Some of you already know that at the moment I’m spending most of my time in Italy where I have an interesting band house project going on and also quite a special guy to spend time with But I want to remind you that I’m such a tough chick that there ain’t no man or anybody for whom I would give up on my biggest dreams or career so don’t blame on anybody else about my decision. It was me who did it In any case hopefully I can let you to listen my new songs in the future, I’ll inform you the minute we’ll do anything worth publishing for. Hopefully soon!

Anyway, most importantly I want to thank you all monster maniacs for supporting me so overwhelmingly nicely all these past years. It’s been so great to see you in our shows rockin’ with us! The best thing has been to watch you all from the stage enjoying the show. And also I’m not forgetting how much you’ve been supporting and helping us to spread the word in different ways to keep this Lordi family tight, big and strong It has meant a lot I can tell you! Thanks also so much for all the gifts and letters and messages I’ve gotten from many of you during these years. Unfortunately it appeared to be impossible to answer back to all of you but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t see them all and appreciate them much! And the final last thanks also for your kind words for me now that I’m quitting. I will also miss you very much! Let’s keep in touch!!!

A very big thanks to Mr. Lordi, Amen, OX, Otus (R.I.P.), the new yet anonymous drummer monster, Kita and Kalma. It has been quite a ride guys, hasn’t it?!?! Don’t forget me, we have too much in common!

Now boys and girls, let’s do it one more time in Simerock, Rovaniemi Finland 11th of August where the restless soul, her Countess Lady Awa will play her keyboards for the last time before she will vanish in the mist of damnation. Continuing her everlasting search to make the atonement and find peace.

It’s soon time to welcome the new lady monster on stage. All the be(a)st for you girl and most of all: enjoy the ride!!!

Yours truly,

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Lady Awa will leave the band!
July 25, 2012
Lady Awa de Paysant will leave the band! She will be seen on stage for the last time at Simerock in Rovaniemi, Finland on August 11, 2012 when Lordi will be celebrating their’s 20 year anniversary. Awa joined the band in 2005 and her first Lordi album was the international success record The Arockalypse. Awa has played altogether on three Lordi studio albums.

New keyboardist has been selected already. She will therefore be playing on the band’s next studio album, which is planned for early 2013. Awa will not be heard or seen on the next album or on the next tour. The masks and names of the new keyboardist and the new drummer will be revealed together with OX's, Amen's and Mr. Lordi's new masks and outfits before the release of the band’s next studio album in 2013.

Awa tells about her decision as follows: "Playing in the band has been an incredible experience and clearly one of the best times in my life. I have always been very fond of Lordi, its music and image, and will surely be following news about it closely. The band and the crew were and will always be a second family to me and I will be missing them and our fans greatly. However, seven years in the band has been physically and emotionally very demanding. You have to be in a band like this 100 %. If you are not able to do that anymore, you have to let go and give space for something new."

"I want to emphasize that I am not going to leave music or making music, because music is the most important thing to me in life. I am on a creative break now, but have several new ideas already. You will hear about them if and when the time is good. I also believe that I can still be seen behind the keyboards some day", she continues.

The leader of the band, Mr. Lordi states: "We have been discussing this behind the scenes for quite some time, but nobody knew that this year would be this kind of a year of changes for Lordi. Of course you always believe and wish your current line-up would be permanent and final, but these are not issues of faith. Situations change, things happen and plans are renewed. All the rest of us in the band wanted her to go on with us, but we also understand her decision and respect that. We know that this decision was not easy for her either. It took a long time to come to this conclusion."

"We agreed already earlier, that she will not participate our next album studio sessions. In this case she would have had to hang out with us for the next couple of years. Naturally it would have not been fair to her, to the band or to our fans", Mr. Lordi says.

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Lordi at Bang Your Head festival, Germany, 2013
July 12, 2012
Lordi and some more bands confirmed for next year's Bang Your Head festival in Germany! Tickets available now. As they say, that Lordi will perform in big stage now, as many people had to wait outside, when they performed indoors in 2011.

P.S. YouTube channel Todellisuusmedia released a video from Mr. Lordi's thirds art exhibition, featuring Mr. Lordi himself. Check out the video in LORDI Army's theater.

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Monstrous birthday to the Hellbull!
July 11, 2012
We wish happy but monstrous birthday to OX, our own Hornhead from Hell!

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Mr. Lordi's third art exhibition in Rovaniemi, Finland
July 10, 2012
Mr. Lordi will have his third art exhibiton in Rovaniemi in Simerock-house from July 13th until August 11th, 2012.
The exhibition is titled Vistoja kuvia ("Odd Images"). The opening will be held on Friday, July 13th at 18.00 with Mr. Lordi present in the opening. Mr. Lordi visualizes and designs Lordi’s looks and visual elements which are an essential part of the band’s artistic presence. He has expanded his artistic expression beyond this world. The exhibition offers a glimpse of nature but more than that, stories behind the music and album art. In this exhibition Mr. Lordi showcases artworks from his previous art exhibitions.

Kauppakeskus Revontuli
Koskikatu 27
Rovaniemi, Finland
open July 13 – August 11, 2012 at 12.00 – 21.00

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Scarchives Vol.1 CD+DVD will be released on September 3!
June 27, 2012
Attention class!! All the Lordi die-hard fans! The long wait is finally over: The Scarchives Vol.1 CD+DVD is now in Rokkikauppa and you can pre-oder it immediately. The cover of the compilation has been also released today and you can check it out here.

This unique compilation includes two of the most anticipated treasures from the Lordi-vaults!
-CD: the full unreleased album from 1997, Bend Over And Pray The Lord
-DVD: the full, uncensored and un-touched recording of Lordi's very first show from 2002

Pretty much no-one's ever heard the album, and no-one's ever seen this video... until now! On the booklet you'll also find a long detailed backstory of making of Bend Over And Pray The Lord album, written by Mr Lordi. Pre-order Scarchives now and you will get the rare Lordi 20th anniversary plectrum free of charge! The compilation will be released on September 3, 2012 and it's available in Rokkikauppa only.


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Happy birthday to AMEN!
June 26, 2012
Happy birthday to the one and only mummified guitarist of the world, AMEN! Hope you have a great party in you sarcophagi.

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Lordi will perform at German TV-show The Ultimative Chart Show
June 20, 2012
Lordi will be performing on German TV show called The Ultimative Chart Show on July 6. It's going to be in the nobeo-Studios in Hürth which is near to Cologne. You can buy tickets to live show here:

Chart Show won't be shown live at TV and we don't know the release date of the show yet.

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Follow us on Twitter!
June 19, 2012
LORDI Army is now on Twitter! You can follow us here:

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New info about the compilation Scarchives Vol.1
June 16, 2012
Mr Lordi wrote on official Lordi forum Monsterboard about the upcoming compilation:
Nobody thought it would take this long, really. I mean if we would have, obviously we would not have started promising it´s release already last fall! It´s almost a year now!!! Like I wrote earlier, a LOT earlier, it will come out, but in pieces, an item at a time. The CD/DVD is coming out literally any day or at least any week now. Really. There has just been SOOO much problems with it that you cannot believe. One of the major ones being that Otus edited the DVD, and it hasn´t been that easy to finalize the product when the man who has all the files is suddenly no longer with us. On the commentary track you will hear Otus say 'hi'. So sad that it is his last recorded bit where you can hear him talk. Eerily, it's like a goodbye.


P.S. Something weird happening:

Tonight Amen wrote something interesting on his Twitter:
Maniacs, we made Lordi history tonight. It was..weird..but fun. Will keep u posted..

Few hours after that Mr Lordi commented Amen's post on Monsterboard:
About making history tonite.. Amen is right. You´ll hear about it when the time is right for it. Or maybe it's just our dear Amen having sexy time, who knows? ; )

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Studio workshop in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
June 13, 2012
Lordi will be making a new record, their sixth studio album at WireWorld studio in Nashville, Tennessee. The band is starting the records of the new Lordi album on September 1st. The producer and place is same as when the band recorded their latest album Babez For Breakfast.

This time there's some very special chance for the fans. The producer Michael Wagener reports:
"Welcome to the studio workshop to learn about producing, recording and mixing! Join us for the tracking of one complete song with the Finnish monsters Lordi during the first four days of the new Lordi project. See how the pros do it. This is a 4-day "watch-and-learn" workshop and the rate is $1,500."

Mr Lordi wrote on Monsterboard:
This does actually mean that everyone now has the chance to come and see how legendary Mr. Wagener and us work in the studio. Of course, there is a very limited number of people we can have there, but anyway. The chance is there! Could be, that the people participating might even end up on the actual album shouting some background vocals...! This is not a promise, though, but something that COULD be... This is gonna be super-special for us too, never done anything like this before.

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Video clip of Mr. Lordi at ESC 2012
May 27, 2012
Mr. Lordi was in Eurovision Song Contest 2012 giving the points from Finland. Check out the video in YouTube:

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LFN: Tribute to Otus
May 19, 2012
Lordi Fan Nation is the fan group that makes Lordi magazines every month and share them via internet. LFN's latest magazine, Tribute to Otus, is now available on

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Mr Lordi will be seen in Eurovision Song Contest 2012
May 18, 2012
Bringing back the balls to Eurovision! Mr Lordi will announce the Finnish points in the ESC Final on May 26,2012. Live broadcast from Baku, Azerbaijan will be aired in each participating country at 21.00 CET. The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 will be selected both by public televotes and by the votes of national juries in each participating country. The points of each jury will be announced on live broadcast from all countries taking part in the contest.

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Lordi found new drummer for the tour!
April 25, 2012
The band has found a new drummer!

His name and look will not be revealed yet and he will be simply called ”drummer” for now. The mask and the costume are kept to the minimum, but enough to fit him visually in to the band for the upcoming shows.

”We don't want to introduce a new character yet, because we feel it is still way too close to the time when our drummer Otus passed away. Making any kind of fuss about a new member would simply be too disrespectful. However, we need a drummer in order to play. And since we are Lordi, no-one will ever perform in the band without a character,” Mr. Lordi states.

”So, the new drummer does have a mask and his costume is more than a t-shirt and jeans, but this is not the outfit of the actual character yet. We could say he is in disguise. The name and the look of the character will be revealed at the same time when the whole band comes out with new costumes and masks. This happens traditionally before a new album comes out,” Mr. Lordi continues.

There are no official photos of the new drummer until 2013 and it also looks like there will not be any before the character will be officially introduced. The new drummer can be seen for the first time in Italy, at festival on May 5th, 2012.

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Lordi will do their festival tour
March 11, 2012
Even with that awful fact Otus has passed away last month, Lordi will do their summer festival tour. Here's the dates so far:

05.05.2012 Festival | Italy
12.05.2012 Intro Festival | Bulgaria
05.08.2012 Rockstone Bohemia | Czech Republic
02.06.2012 JääliCityRokki | Kiiminki, Finland
20.07.2012 Merisäkkä | Kalajoki, Finland
21.07.2012 Karjurock | Uusikaupunki, Finland

Do they already have new drummer? Or are they gonna use guest musician? We may find it out soon.

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February 15, 2012
Otus has sadly passed away two days ago. He will be greatly missed and we send our condolences to his family and the band. Otus, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the short time we got to know you.

Amen and Ox wishes the follow via Twitter:

"You all know crushing news of Otus' death.. my heart cries and there's no words.. thanks for sharing this sorrow, light a candle for him."

"My heart is broken. You gave so much by being You. You've left us way too early. You will be missed. Rest In Peace, Otus.."

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More info about the upcoming compilation, Scarchives vol.1
February 4, 2012
Scarchives Vol.1 is being printed. After a lot of problems with the contents, printing and schedules we finally have some news. The box set will NOT come out as a box per se. The items that were supposed to be in the box, will be released separately item by item. The reason for this unforeseen change of plans is that, all the planned items in the physical box would have raised the production costs so high, that the very small, limited quantity of the box would have put the price of each individual box probably unbearable for most of the fans. So it was decided that the best solution is to divide the set in parts. This way the price of each item will not be as pricy, and everyone can decide for themselves what items they want and can afford. So in a way, the contents of the box set are coming, but the actual physical box is not.

First part to be released is a CD+DVD. It will include the very first unreleased Lordi album Bend Over And Pray The Lord - The Heavy Rock Album (CD) from 1997 and our very first gig in Nosturi 2002 (DVD).

The original booklet is included with no touch-ups whatsoever, plus a long story about making the album. As bonus tracks, Get Heavy which was added to the album a bit later on, is included, as well as Hulking Dynamo produced and mixed by late TT Oksala for Get Heavy in 2002, with little additional work done this year by Mikko Karmila. The show was filmed by multiple cameras, and it is completely unfixed and none of the mistakes and embarrassing moments are edited out. The setlist includes naturally all the Get Heavy songs. As a bonus, commentary track by myself and a gallery of all the unreleased merchandise from that era. That´s that then." The exact release date will be informed as soon as someone can say it for sure.

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Bend Over and Pray the Lord!
January 15, 2012
ATTENTION DIE-HARD FANS! Lordi's unreleased album Bend Over And Pray The Lord that was recorded in 1997 will be included in the Scrachives compilation album in 2012 with original booklet! The album is also the only one where we can hear Lordi's first bassist G-Stealer!!

BOAPTL track listing:‎
1. Playing The Devil (Bend Over And Pray The Lord)‎
2. Cyberundertaker‎
3. Steamroller‎
4. Almost Human‎
5. Idol‎
6. Paint in Blood‎
7. Death Suits You Fine‎
8. I Am the Leviathan‎
9. Take Me To Your Leader‎
10. Monstermotorhellmachine‎
11. With Love And SledgeHammer‎
12. The Death Are The Family‎

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New Lordi album coming in 2013!
January 13, 2012
It strongly seems like the sixth Lordi album will be out in early 2013!! Mr. Lordi wrote this on the official Lordi forum Monsterboard:

"I am recording and writing some new tunes and demos at the moment. Of course, we´re gonna have sessions with Amen, Ox, Awa and Otus, in the next months. Once again, there will be a lot to choose from for the next one. Then rehearsing the stuff and pre-production in the summer.. Hitting the studio most likely in September, so.. do the math. We already have a pretty good idea what we´re doing, and how we´re gonna sound this time"

Mr. Lordi also gave some new info about the upcoming compilation, Scarchives:
"Oh, and many have asked about the Scarchives. It´s being printed already, but there were some.. ummm.. technical changes made to the whole box-concept and content and how the product will come out, physically. We will let you know as soon as we know that we´re not talking about anything that is NOT yet 100% sure."

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