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By (c) Lordi
Title: Wake The Snake
Album: The Monsterican Dream
Lyrics: Mr L / Music: Mr L

Slither in to your garden
I got an apple waiting for a bite
I lick my chops until the hammer drops
You know that it just might

I'm gonna spiral up higher
Wriggle up in the air
It's breaking out you can't break it down
Who said it would be fair?

Well I -
Grind your fingers
when you're hanging on the ledge
How does it feel when your life's about to end?
I'm gonna keep it coming, baby - you'll be next
You can feel my fury - kiss the fatal fangs

Tough enough to wake the snake?
Shake mu rattle baby outta control
Wake the snake
With a fatal bite you'll take a fall

Sinking in my poison
Drowning in syanide
See if I care - there's no dare
If you go run and hide

Sit on the lap of the savage
And we'll breed like rats
You say you won't - for heaven's sake
We'll just have to see about that