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Title: The Children Of The Night
Album: The Monsterican Dream
Lyrics: Mr L, Tracy Lipp / Music: Mr L

I hid them under the floor
for their being here made me sore
And on that day I felt kinda hazy
Now they still gotta be there
'cause they're not going anywhere
with severed limbs - or call me crazy

But there are voices in the darkness
In my house every time I close my eyes

In the dead of night - I hear 'em sigh
The children of the night are calling
Hear 'em cry - they still defy
Endlessly I feel like falling
Now they're all - my children of the night

"These skulls are so small. Here are seven of them in all
I swear to God now they're deadly silent"

But still there's voices in the darkness
Getting louder all the time

Now little feet tap at the end of my bed
Remorse I seize
I feel there's someone leaning over my head
7 breaths, they freeze!