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By (c) Lordi
Title: Haunted Town
Album: The Monsterican Dream
Lyrics: Mr L, Kita / Music: Kita

At 3 AM I looked out the window
Foreboding figures called me outside
Their grumbling sounded
distant and hollow
Eerie, empty stares in dead eyes

Ooh, now who woke up the dead?

Evil's pouring down
On this haunted town
There's no way around
Tonight all hell abounds
Haunted town

In the morning
I was reading the paper
The obituaries
seemed a bit strange

I searched the old graveyard
for an answer
In the mossy headstones
I found my name

Ooh, I walk among the dead
Ooh yeah

"I'm haunting
Ooh God I'm loving it
You bet"