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By (c) Lordi
Title: We're Not Bad for the Kids (We're Worse)
Album: To Beast or Not to Beast
Writers: Amen, Mr L

Screaming - out their bloody lungs
Ruining their beautiful young voices
Steaming hot - horny licking tongues
Making all those terribly wrong choices

All you little children have gone out of your minds
Don't wanna read no history - let's practice some biology

Make your mommy cry - Daddy blows his mind
Listen up and learn - We're not bad for the kids, we're worse
Make 'em take offence - Taint your innocence
The first time always hurts - We're not bad for the kids, we're worse

Wasted - fried their little brains
Staying out too late and getting crazy
Waitin' - 'til it's far too late
Corrupted to the core and not worth saving

Hey kids, you know that your parents are right
You should not be nasty, no picking a fight
Don't dress up like that, yeah, your dad he knows better
As if he never wanted to see your mom in tight leather