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By (c) Lordi
Title: Sincerely with Love
Album: To Beast or Not to Beast
Writers: Mr L, Tracy Lipp

You don't know a thing
You don't have a clue
Your bell never rings
And still you're being you

No-one ever asked
yet you always tell
Your opinion's noted
and now you can go to hell

You think you know everyone
Better than themselves
Truly you're the number one
Appreciating what we've heard
We wanna thank you with these words

(so) Fuck you asshole
Fuck you asshole
Greetings from the heart
Fuck you asshole
Fuck you asshole
Sincerely with love

Thank you for your thoughts
Thanks for your ideas
You claim it's all in love
but it has more to do with fears

We should all obey
your rules and moral codes
but it's you who's on the way
to the place without a hope

The smell of sulfur
And now you wonder
"How did I get here?"
The new Monsters gather