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By (c) Lordi
Title: Schizo Doll
Album: To Beast or Not to Beast
Writers: Mr L, Tracy Lipp

I am just a little doll - I live here in your yard
Your daughter used to play with me - now your dogs chew up my arms
sometimes I feel fucked up in the head
that's when I want to see all children dead

There was a day that had a silver lining - I remember the light that I saw
They took me off the conveyer belt - and put me in a box on a shelf

Then came the day my little cardboard home and I
were on our way in your car
Your daughter didn't know how to pretend
and forever we were gonna be friends

For years I was the one to hold - to love and to care for
Then I was left out in the cold
forgotten to become the rotten

Schizo doll - I can't ever die
Schizo doll - 'cause I was never alive
Schizo doll - got no flesh, got no bones
Schizo doll - I have a mind of my own
Schizo doll, schizo doll - left all alone

Now comes a day that has a coal black lining
80 years gone by, the daughter's gone grey
But she found me, took me in from the rain
She was hugging me as she slipped away

"Ashes to ashes", the preacher prays
I'm wrapped in her arms now
Forever friends here in her grave
forgotten to become the rotten

I am just a little doll - my best friend is a corpse
The warms are eating up her face
Our casket home walls warp
That bitch left me to rot alone again