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By (c) Lordi
Title: Horrifiction
Album: To Beast or Not to Beast
Writers: Mr L, Tracy Lipp

You love that man, with his fingers of knives
The red and green sweater is framed
You bought a chainsaw and you carved it up right
"The saw is the family" it says on the blade

Vulture's making circles in the air
Forensics collect evidence with lots of care
The bodies in the woods by Crystal Lake
Just like in the movies they say

It's all horrifiction
Silver screen addiction
Cinematic gore and murder
It's horrifiction
Not a fact prediction
Movies cannot make you a killer
It's horrifiction

You got the puzzle box and book of the dead
The hockey mask tattooed on your chest
Your friends are worried you've gone sick in the head
Those movie monsters are all you have left

In the court room you're confused
It was the monsters, it wasn't you
But all the evidence puts you there
And the judge says you'll get the chair