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By (c) Lordi
Title: Candy for the Cannibal
Album: To Beast or Not to Beast
Writers: Mr L, PK Hell, Tracy Lipp

The town went silent as I walked out today
My family didn't have a thing to say
I see the neighbors are avoiding my looks
they know my story as it's all in the books, yeah

But I am happier than ever before
'cause I'm a grown man in a candy store
I know this feeling might not last for long
I know my urge and it's way too strong

I know I should not do my thing, no, no
But you look so damn mouth watering

You're the ca-ca-candy for the ca-cannibal
Won't you co-co-come on trust the a-animal
You're my t-t-tasty little t-t-t-treat
Sweetie candy
You're the ca-ca-candy for the ca-cannibal
You'll go d-d-down cause you're so e-edible
I'll be t-t-tenderizing your m-m-meat
Meaty candy to me

(I just love that meaty candy)

I keep my distance when observing the girls
They make me feel like I'm alone in this world
Some call it stalking I say shopping's the word
And when I'm shopping girls are bound to get hurt

I am simply a man but they call me The Beast
Oh why can't they understand a man's just gotta eat

Death row went silent as I walked in today
Then warden did not have a thing to say
I watched the prisoners avoiding my looks
I'm going shopping for the last meal I cook