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By (c) Lordi
Title: Sir, Mr. Presideath, Sir!
Album: Scare Force One
Lyrics: Mr L, Tracy Lipp / Music: Mr L, Amen

The air is thick with the anticipation
The children waving flags
Today is gonna be the best day of their lives
We all know the world is full of evil
He keeps us safe day and night
For our leader we are more than happy to die

Red carpet
He's truly here
Salute with eyes in tears

Sir, Mr. Presideath, sir!
We all love you so

We are lucky to be born and raised here
Better than Shangri-La
Hey citizen! Just toe the line and you'll go far
Our leader's giving you all your opinions
Cause he knows what is best
Decent is dealt with by removal of your heads

The whole world loves ya

We all know what we've been told
Our leaders heart is made of gold
He kills babies when they cry
They sound annoying and that's why
He kills kittens that's a fact
We must be better off like that
We don't question life this way
We never have to use our brains