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Title: She's A Demon
Album: Scare Force One
Lyrics: Mr L, Tracy Lipp / Music: Mr L

Dear mother how are you
I'm writing you with news
I'm courting someone and it's serious
She is a maiden fair
As sweet as an eclair
And when she laughs it's so mellifluous

Looks like an angel fell on Earth
There's just one thing about this girl

She is a demon
She is a demon
Can't help myself I love her so
Yeah, she's a demon
Yes, she's a demon
The one I give my heart and soul

Dear mom it's been a while
We've moved from Staten Isle
The constable caught her ripping off heads
Now we live in the woods
So far she's being good
I love her still but now her eyes glow red

Dear mother this might be goodbye
But know this
I have been happy my whole life