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Title: Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein
Album: Scare Force One
Lyrics: Mr L, Tracy Lipp / Music: Mr L, PK Hell

Jack and Coke - Rock 'n roll - Lose control
Dirty thoughts - Way too much - Not enough

Good girls get bad, get hammered
Party like Frankenstein
The place will be a wreck by sunrise
Franky needs a bride
Show no control, get hammered
I'll show you Frankenstein
Come and get the wrong that feels right
The hammer nails tonight

Dr Pepper - With Jameson - Now this is fun
You say it's my fault - But it's your choice
Cause I'm a dirty boy

Crying - Hurting - Bleeding
Nailed by the hammer of Frankenstein
Hey Frankie's Brides
(First get hammered, then get nailed?)
It's nailing time
(First get hammered, then get nailed?)

Raise a glass to the German Tank
True master of this game
The stuff of legends how he drank
He said: "What can I say?"