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Title: Hug You Hardcore
Album: Monstereophonic (Theaterror Vs. Demonarchy)
Lyrics: Mr L, Tracy Lipp / Music: Mr L

I wanna make you broken
Come on cowgirl take a ride
I wanna rip you open
A swinging wrecking ball inside

Let me mount you gently,
Love with a fist
Intruding rear entry
You're gonna like this

I wanna hug you hardcore
Wanna rock you sore
Ramming up the exit door
I wanna hug you hardcore
Stretch your room into a hall
'Til it's me who's getting bored

Ride the Hershey Highway
Tight it for the monster truck
Face down! Ass up!
Here we come, we wish you luck

Five into one the dirty fingers
Where there's no sun it's rammin' in her