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Title: Heaven Sent Hell On Earth
Album: Monstereophonic (Theaterror Vs. Demonarchy)
Lyrics: Mr L, Tracy Lipp / Music: Mr L, OX

The She-Wolf is in heat
Fancies the bloodsucking beast

"How can I make him notice me?
My desire for him's a cancer
I'm just a bitch, out of his league
I'm a pathetic fool - romancer"

"Watch me now - I cut myself
I bleed for you, my prince from hell"

"You bring me to my knees
I'm screaming: baby please see me!"

Lonely together - Murder the heart
Why should living be so hard
Lonely together - Freaks of the dark
Heaven sent, heaven sent hell on earth

Beware the Witch's grudge
"I hate the sucker for what he's done"

"How can I make him notice me?
My son deserved eternal life
The spell I cast creates zombies
He could have saved him with one bite"

"Oh how I hate the prince from hell
My magic wanes, my son is not himself"

"He slowly rots away
He's screaming for he's craving brains"

Tension! Conflict!

Sitting round the table
They stare each other down
The Zombie's snarling in the corner
The others make no sound

The stench of rotting Zombie
Assaults the canine's nose
The Werewolf breaks the silence
And says "the stink has got to go!
And while we're on the subject...
In the time of the full moon
He drives my senses crazy
Why can't you chain him in his room?"

The Witch stands up and screams "Hey bitch!
It's not my dear boy's fault, so deal with it"

"Silence!" shouts, the Nosferatu
Blazing in his, blazing in his eyes
"We've problems dire compared to this
Stupid whores, no time to bitch
The town folks ire has raised in pitch
Some miscreant's abducting kids"

"I've lived for centuries
Their pretty schemes, vexing indeed"