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By (c) Lordi
Title: Where's The Dragon
Release: Deadache (single)
Lyrics: Mr L / Music: Mr L, OX

Now you see the dragon
You told everyone you had
You're too out of bragging
Oh sir you are so bad

Wanna see the head of the leviathan
That you said you probably slayed
Show me where's the belt of the mighty Kong
And the t-rex that you tamed

Take me to your wonder vault
Where you keep your spoils and your treasures
Yeah you stumble to our hold
I can see you crack under pressure
Where's your dragon now?

You're acting like you like me
But you stab me from behind
What's the reason you defy me
Oh you're such a friend of mine

So where's your dragon, where's your dragon now?
Amen, have you seen it?