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By (c) Lordi
Title: EviLove
Release: The Arockalypse Special Edition
Lyrics: Mr L / Music: Mr L

I gave you deep red roses
The thorns cut your hand
We are an owl and a mouseís doomed romance
Now it would like to fondle
But my nails rip your skin
My most tender kiss stings your lips like pins

Your cries, they make no difference
Iíll always love you the same
Now i try to restrain myself
Cause my affection means pain

Honey, honey lemme hug you like a spider
Honey, honey lemme give you evilove
Honey, honey lemme kiss you like a viper
Open up your heart, receive my evilove

Our night in Paris with candles
Ended up in flames
And cupidís arrow mangled your pretty face
I wanna be your dream-date
Who takes away your breath
But iím the man of your nightmares
The gentleman death