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By (c) Lordi
Title: Monsters Keep Me Company
Album: Deadache
Writers: Mr L, Kita, Amen

If the sun comes up tomorrow
It would see a sight so sad
The moon is still smiling on me
Right up until dawn

I'm drowing in hate and sorrow
But nothing is quite that bad
There still might be something for me
Before I am gone

And I'm not fooling no one
I know you think you'd win
But I won't pay for your sins

My monsters keep me company
And I'll never be lonely
They will keep me safe
Protected from harm
Monsters keep me company
Until I will set them free

I can't believe what I'm thinking
That this dream of me could die
I cannot see how anything
Can ever be fine

I never wanted to be your hero
I just did it to please myself
And now you put me back under zero
Not to come back again

Someday I'll come back again
Damn right I'll come back again