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By (c) Lordi
Title: Playing The Devil
Album: Bend Over and Pray the Lord!
Writers: Mr L

Hell-o! I am me who the hell R U?
See my eyes glow in a gloom?
I'm telling you there's an evil inside.
Yeah, creating a fuss of me
-infernal debauchery...

When power burns alive,
raging at the skies,
that's when the monster-men arrive.

I am above it all.
Watching the others fall.
I'm calling myself a juggernaut.
Becoming more than a man.
-one helluva man I am.

But I would feel alive
if I could take her life,
see my demon in her eye.

Playing the devil with
stronger than ever
(bend over and pray the lord)

I don't have a thing to say:
once you have power you don't need brains,
just need a reason to go insane.
Distinctive as I am
-exposing you my demon-fangs.

...I'm the man of the most dangerous kind.
Scratching the soul.
Raping your mind.
I would feel alive...