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By (c) Lordi
Title: Midnite Lover
Album: Babez for Breakfast
Writers: Mr L, Amen, Tracy Lipp

I trust my gut real good
He's in the neighborhood
I know that every one has something they're hiding
But now I'm on the trail, righteuousness will prevail
He won't be giving no romance this evening

I met your darling
In a darkened alleyway I met the fool
I gave no warning
When solving little problems
I don't leave no proof

Oh, I know your waiting for your midnite lover
But the midnite lover will never arrive
Oh I know you're waiting for your midnite lover
But I met your lover and he didn't survive

I stalked him like a pro
Left him nowhere to go
At first he cried and then he begged me for mercy
But when I'm in the zone
I'm into crushing bone
I grabbed a lug wrench, swung like Paulie from Jersey

Don't you know me?
Dont mind the blood
I set you free
Because of us
He won't come back
You were his wife
Gave him a whack
So we could have a life