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By (c) Lordi
Title: Loud And Loaded
Album: Babez for Breakfast
Writers: Mr L, Tracy Lipp

You were about eleven
When your sister pissed you off
You chopped off her finger
And ate it in a hot dog

And you just smiled
And shook your head
The next time she knows she'll be dead
You seem mild
No one knows
Till you explode

(You're) Loud and loaded
You're Rock and Roll
Like nitro on fire
You're Loud and loaded
You're Rock and Roll
Like a high tension wire
Watch out, loud and loaded

Twenty Five December
And your brother's baby cried
Threw it out the window
Just to see if it could fly

Mom and dad were kinda sad
They nagged you until you got mad
They never learned
So you lit the match
And watched them burn