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By (c) Lordi
Title: Lord Have Mercy
Album: Babez For Breakfast
Lyrics: Mr L / Music: Mr L
In the daylight
She feels uptight
She's used to live the light by the moon
Oh it's all right
Though there are sometimes
There's a sacrificial slaughtering or two

She could never be
Some way that I would not be just a bit afraid
But it's ok
Cause love is blind and gone insane

Oh Lord have mercy on the devil's daughter
You know she could not choose who'll be her father
Now let her drown herself in holy water
Lord have mercy

No denying
That she's trying
But narrow-minded people still abhor

Neighbours wailing
They're complaining
(so) Few kids are missing but they'll have some more

Wild accusations
Lead into something
Way more alarming
She's bred in fire
Crowned with barbwire, my love