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By (c) Lordi
Title: Granny's Gone Crazy
Album: Babez for Breakfast
Writers: Mr L, OX

I can't hear what people say
How could I have lost my way
Too much noise in my head
My family wishes I was dead

You come telling me what to do
But I don't know... do I know you?
I can't see anyone I know
Now what's going on?

Everything is so wrong so
Everything's gotta go
Tomorrow can wait
Today I'm losing control

By hook or by crook
I'll make things go by the book
I'm taking back my life today

Granny's gone crazy
She's out tonight
Gone out of her mind, oh
And she's a fright
Granny is out for our blood

Neon lights blind my sight
Keep me awake, can't sleep at night
It's all porn on TV
The whole world's gotten too obscene

Little girls dressing up like whores
Mother's too fat to fit out the door
Grown men dressing up like girls
This is not my world