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By (c) Lordi
Title: Give Your Life For Rock And Roll
Album: Babez for Breakfast
Writers: Mr L, OX, Awa, Cosimo Binetti, Tracy Lipp

Beat the toms
be The Fox on the kit
The Queen of shock
with black tape on your tits

Pulling teeth
got a bass - make it scream
Tight blue jeans - packed with TNT

They will just be an ember
- yet your flame's burning high
They will not be remembered
- yet your sound is alive

Give your life for rock and roll
Your soul shall live on
Give your life for rock and roll
You'll never be gone

Crank up your flying v - with the white polka dots
Tragedy - you're the diamond, red hot

Under the gun - You got Animalized
Wild and the young - With pride wearing stripes

Though you may die we still live in your presence
Our lives change while yours does not end.
From the realm of the darkness,
you bid us hear you,
that we may praise you
for ever and ever.