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Title: Bringing Back The Balls To Rock
Album: The Arockalypse
Lyrics: / Music:
Attention class! - Here we come
We kick your ass - That's lesson one
I know you've been living in heresy
Correction's what you need

Less isn't more - less is less
The more, the better - the most, the best
You gotta turn up the amps past overload
Eardrums will explode

We are what we want to be
Monsters of rock, we are for real
Stand up for what you believe (and shout!)

Hail in the name of rock and roll
Hail in the name of rock and roll
Hail in the name of rock and roll
Bringing back the balls, bringing back the balls to rock

Breathing fire, spitting blood
Biting off the heads of bats and doves
Dragon boots and guillotines
That's what I want to see

We're the SMF with metal hearts
Got love machines, we're breaking the law
We've got the looks that kill
We're the youth gone wild
We're the creatures of the night

Big drums, leather and chains
Loud guitars, grimace and flames
The two-finger signs
Raise fists up high