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The prettiest band on the planet, LORDI, is a ultimate five-monster line-up whose bold and shameless combination of melodic heavy rock with the outrageous horror image has caught the attention of the rock media and genre fans all around the world. Lordi might come from Finland but their artistic mind is focused in big American Monsterican style, becoming one of the best known Finnish bands.

Over twenty years after the formation Lordi is still rocking loud monster-gigs allover the world and staying loyal to their sound and image by releasing full albums of catchy riffs and choruses while keeping their real identities secret through the years.

Once you get into Lordi's world of Horrifiction you'll know at least one thing - monsters have more fun!

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Lordi was formed in 1992 by Mr L and the band's first line-up was ready in 1996.

Mr Lordi
Vocals, 1992-

The On-Treader, The Unholy Overlord of Tremors, The Most Fearsome Khan of All, Count Nosferatu, The Bastard Son of a Thousand Megalomaniacs, The Biomechanic Man, The Fanged Giant Monster, The Glowing Red Eyes, The One Dressed, In Symbiotic Armour, The Cyberundertaker, The Hulk from Hell


Guitars, 1996-

The Ancient Assassin, The Ruler of The Anubis Dynasty, The Mummified One, The Severed One, The Buried Living Dead, The Unstoppable Avenger, The “So Be It, It Shall Be Done”

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Bass, 2005-

The Hellbull, The Hornhead, The Hornskull, The Bulltaurus, The Smashquatch, The Giant Powerhouse of Hoofs, Operation 10


Keyboards, 2012-

The Plastic Chic, The Burned´n´burried, The Forsaken Doll, The HellToy, Scarbie, Sindie


Drums, 2012-

The Bugjaws, The Lord Of The Cutterflies, The Minister Of Sinister, Shriek Priest, The Pale Pastor, Insectoman


Former members

G-Stealer – bass 1996-2000
Magnum – bass 2000-2002
Enary – keyboards 1997-2005
Kalma – bass 2002-2005
Kita – drums 2001-2010
Awa – keyboards 2005 – 2012
Otus – drums 2010-2012

LIVE guests

Pasi Rantanen - backing vocals (Eurovision gigs 2006)
Udo Dirckschneider - vocals (Wacken Open Air 2008, Masters of Rock 2010)
Jay Jay French - guitars (New York 2007, New York 2008, Hellfest 2013)
Jimmy "the drummer" Hammer - drums (festival tour 2012)
Rock'n'Rollo - backing vocals (Anniversary concert 2012)
Nympherno - fire breathers (Rock City, Nottingham, UK 2013, Hellfest 2013)
Riitta Hyyppä & Katja Auvinen - backing vocals (SFO gig 2014, Tour Force One 2015)
Nalle - keyboards (summer 2015)

Raise up in awe!

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