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By (c) Lordi
Title: The Beast Is Yet to Cum
Album: Sexorcism
Lyrics: Mr L, Tracy Lipp
Music: Mr L, OX

Beast inside - Stole his mind
Living in his body
Satisfied - By his side
She doesn't know what's coming

Parasite - feeds on his brain
Sodomite - having his way
She's in for a rude surprise
When the beast arrives

She will get used
The insidious thing wants loose
Round two
All her innocence will refuse
the devil will still have his fun
'cause they are not done
The beast is yet to cum

She got torn - By his horn
Her insides ripped asunder
That's her fate - Satiate
Her girlie parts get thunder

With understanding
comes the part where she begs
'cause now she knows
with what she's trapped in the bed