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By (c) Lordi
Title: Slashion Model Girls
Album: Sexorcism
Lyrics: Mr L, Tracy Lipp
Music: Mr L

She had a test shoot at the agency
They said she'll be a star
A first class ticket and a promised dream
She vows to work real hard
And in the make-up chair, gave her a drink
She started to feel odd
The stylist cut and chopped, she couldn't scream
Both of her ears were gone

Cutting off the whole face
Flipped around inside out, swen in place
Crawling on the runway and trying to get away

Murder's in style for slashing model girls
Looks killer, the season's thriller

They gather round for the exclusive show
The lights dim for the starts
Up on the runway in the spotlights glow
She wonders who they are

With knives that glitter and their eyes stone cold
All set to play their part
They moneyed crowd left her no place to go
The first blade starts to arc

In secrecy they meet to share their passion
And for their fun their models will die
Itäs the ultimate in killer fashion
Next season's gonne be a good time