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By (c) Lordi
Title: Polterchrist
Album: Sexorcism
Lyrics: Mr L, Tracy Lipp
Music: Mr L

Just on the edge of 16
Inside her something obscene
Speaking in tongues that are unknown
Her body in contortions
Her face out of proportion
An evil swallowing her soul

The demon has a name
The prophesies proclaim
She'll bring strife to us
There's no way to win this, we must

Tie her up - Lock her in
She'll tempt us all into sin
She is possessed by Polterchrist
Must hide her and bind her
Temper the bad inside her
She will become the Polterchrist

Her power can not be tamed
Her keepers driven insane
The gates of hell about to break

Objects are elevating, circling in the air
The bed is levitating, now we should beware
She's rising, she's rising