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By (c) Lordi
Title: Naked In My Cellar
Album: Sexorcism
Lyrics: Mr L, Tracy Lipp / Music: Mr L, Mana

You give my tummy butterflies, you make my heart go wild
Oh you're such a lovely sight, all mine and locked up tight
Naked in my cellar

You don't need the world outside, it's troubled and it's boring
You're lucky you have met my kind, I'm caring and adoring
Naked in my cellar

Now who's daddy's dirty girl?

Got you naked in my cellar, never let you leave
You're my doll and I'm your feller, got much love to give

Got you naked in my cellar, the wolf so loves the sheep
Here forever, captive dweller, you are mine to keep
naked in my cellar

You were scheming las I came, I can't let you leave me
Why would you want to escape?
You'll be all you can be right here

Ooh you're such a lovely girl