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By (c) Lordi
Title: Hot & Satanned
Album: Sexorcism
Lyrics: Mr L, Tracy Lipp
Music: Mr L, OX

She was the type they pushed around
All her short life they put her down
She answered to repulsive like a name
No-one's for sure just when she died
Coroner said she's putrified
"Ritual suicide" C.O.D. claimed

They called her fat and ugly
The devil made her lovely

She's back from the dead
hot and satanned
So now who's laughing
SheƤs back from the dead
hot and satanned
Her whips are lashing

In the school halls they all make way
All of her tormentors will pay
Footsteps she leaves behind burtts into flames
Now no-one dares say anything
Those god damn bitches want to scream
'cause she's the ultimate homecoming queen

Now all their heads are turning
All those damn hoes are burning

She's smoking, she's smoking
Came back from the grave hot and satanned
Reborn in the flames hot and satanned