The international fan club of Lordi

The purpose of LORDI Army is to praise the Lordi and keep their international fan community active. Our mission is to gather the Monstermaniacs from all over the world together to have some monstrous fun together!

Sami Snallstrom aka Monsterknight first started LORDI Army website in late 2008 for Finnish monstermaniacs to share pictures and videos of the band. In 2010 Snallstrom and Jesper Bonn started international LORDI Army. Markus Mickels joined the crew in 2018.

The glory days were in 2011-2016 when we maintained the website with loads of monstrous material, special stuff and projects with the band. Today LORDI Army offers Lordi news, interviews, lyrics, videos and photos. Most importantly we maintain two different Facebook groups that are active daily.

Facebook: facebook.com/LordiArmyOfficial
YouTube: youtube.com/LordiArmy


Special Report: facebook.com/groups/LordiArmyGroup
A group for recent and upcoming Lordi topics, the latest news.

Fanatics: facebook.com/groups/LordiArmyFanatics/
A group for random Lordi topics and fan stuff such as collection, tattoos and fan art.

LORDI Army Crew

The fan club is ruled by three Finnish monstermaniacs.

Sami Snallstrom
Markus Mickels
Jesper Bonn


E-mail: [email protected]

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have something to ask or tell about Lordi! However, please note that we can't organize any gigs, tickets, backstage passes or meet&greets with the band.


Lordi homepage: lordi.fi

Local Lordi Army:

Russia: vk.com/lordifans
Italy: facebook.com/lorditalia
Germany: facebook.com/LordiArmyGermany
Spain: facebook.com/LORDIArmySpain
Hungary: facebook.com/LORDIArmyHun

Raise up in awe!

LORDI Army - for all the Monstermaniacs
By Sami "Monsterknight" Snallstrom