The elite of Rock and Roll's finest

You may Bend Over And Pray The Lord because it's time to Get Heavy in The Monsterican Dream! In the wake of The Arockalypse you might suffer some Deadache... but after enjoying Babez For Breakfast you sure know if you want To Beast Or Not To Beast!? So get your ass in Scare Force One and join the Monstereophonic mash of Theaterror VS Demonarchy!


LORDI Army is the international fan club of the prettiest band on the planet, Lordi, founded in late 2008.

The purpose of LORDI Army is to praise the Lordi and keep their international fan community active. Our mission is to gather the Monstermaniacs from all over the world together to have some monstrous fun!

President: Sami "Monsterknight" Snällström
Contact: [email protected]

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have something to ask or tell about Lordi! However, please note that we can't organize any gigs, tickets, backstage passes or meet&greets with the band.

Raise up in awe!

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By Monsterknight